Man on the train

160 BPM

6 o´clock programmed alarm

Time is an unseen frame which passes by


The doors of billions open and close

While your eyes awake


Through your window time changes in colors

Leaves falling into your face


4532,66 km away the warmth of your body

Feels like a half-remembered dream

While the non-existent trees sway into the wind

Maybe… just maybe… God blesses the land with His tears…



Out of your drawer

One in 18 ties matches your skin

While you rush into the morning train

Unknown to les passants de tous tes jours


Through your window time changes in colors

Of a world which feeds your fantasy


Slowly the bite of your desire awakes another one

Miles away

The anxiety is just a beat of your heart

Longing to meet your eyes and your smile…


Because as long as you are someone’s man on the train

It is all just a wish to be closer

To that beat of alarm rushing into your heart

To make a dream of other’s dream


JL. 16.10.16


Stubborn love

“It’s better to feel pain, than nothing at all
The opposite of love’s indifference
So pay attention now, I’m standing on your porch screaming out
And I won’t leave until you come downstairs”

Invisible connections

I can’t remember the sound
Of the rain dropping violently on my window
I can’t even remember if it was raining

I just know it was late night
And a cup of tea would be my usual company
Chamomile and cinnamon – it must have been

To whom would belong those fingers touching the screen?
Where millions of face would wander around
All of them strangers
But who can tell
Where invisible connections play
My face would become yours
While yours would become mine
Like a game making of random chance
Unconventional storms

I can’t remember the sound
Of the rain dropping violently on my window
I can’t even remember if it was raining

To whom would belong those black hairs?
Where distance was not even a concept?

Passion, desire or simply love which exists only in your head?

I can’t remember the sound
Of the rain dropping violently on my window
I can’t even remember if it was raining

Like living in a wilderness of mirrors
One day they cease – those connections
And all that remains are cracked pieces
So you can learn how to put them together!

Jocilene Lima, 04.06.201613126869_585054911663720_1198678617_n

The color run


Was the only word I could get

From the sound of the ink

Among the scripts for the trash

As it comes from the lime

A touch of yellow also not bad

As we run all full of colours

As ants drifting for food

Cherry on that white smile

Was the only sound we could notice

As passion would make us drink

From our own anxiety to triumph!


Jocilene Lima, 06.04.2016

This wall between us

Magic moonlit, shining through your eyes
What do they say? You have asked me
Waves crash along the shore, and
A long kiss has sealed all the rush

Lara Fabian’s “Part of me” plays in the car
El Aeropuerto was a word we couldn’t bare
So many planes have torn us apart
So many planes have brought us together

Rush, love, life, light, and promises…
“You don’t know, I won’t let you see”
All the dark nights following that day
I let myself be kissed, under some magic sunset

Only it wasn’t you… It couldn’t be

She has been there; in the same car,
Has heard the same music, has taken the same flight
And has felt the same warmth of your body…

Now I’m lost; “What do my eyes say?”
Your soaked lips still warm me. Between us
Still the same love… still this wall…
Then we all want it to be water under the bridge

How come if, though being morally different,
Trust and betrayal are shapes of our humanity?

Jocilene Lima, 18/04/2015


Gotas de dança

Uma gota

Que cai

No telhado


Goteia …

… sobre a tua pele lisa

E bate no chão como um rufar de tambores


Uma aragem

Espalha solto

Os teus cabelos


Te derruba…

…sobre mim

E cais nos meus braços como poesia


Mil gotas caem

Sobre nossas faces,

Encharcando as nossas roupas

E um sorriso nos faz dançar ao som dos tambores…..


Jocilene Lima, 17-05-15


Human Condition

A path away
From one’s true heart

Medicine, science and reason
Would speak reasonably

A path away
From one’s consciousness

Your culture,
Your soul,
Your true nature

And you are only famine

‘Cause long life,
Only with death

No matter how truthful is your heart to your own believes


People may have different tendencies,

but it’s human condition
To find a shelter,
And finally set up!

Jocilene Lima, 10/03/2015

Gossamer agreement

The anxiety could barely notice the turmoil of sounds
– Soft whispers, bells ringing
Before a graceful silhouette emerges
On those medieval doors
Suddenly silencing it all
In one moment, you look high
In another, you’re glancing sideways
Leaving me able to only follow your eyes
Following your lips
Before I caught a sight
Of those bead earrings
Before the glittering shoulder detailing
Of the beautiful necklines of your gown
Is unveiled
Like a “Gossamer”
Made to measure
Of a tailor
Who must have sewn my smile
Onto your sparkling crystal bridal wear
Making the button detailing
Running from the small of your back to your knees
From where our eyes cross
Only a glamorous instant
Of an eternal agreement

Jocilene Lima, 07/11/2015